Sunday, May 26, 2013

3 Reasons Why People Join Your Online Business

I read a post on Facebook Groups a few minutes ago promising instant payments. Maybe so....but probably not. If you do receive instant payments you are looking at $5, $10 or maybe $20, and even that is pushing it. People tend to desire more prospering, honest and higher energy these opportunities are looked over. At least by folks who want to make more than $20 a day! Being honest and authentic in your dealings is a great way to increase your sign up rate.

You Are Honest

Being honest makes you stand out from the crowd. Most people want to be honest but start lying when it comes time to share results, or when making income claims, or when doing anything related to money, because most people are desperate to make money. Once you decide to let go outcomes you can more easily influence people to join your online business because you will tell the truth. Once you tell the truth people sense it, and join your team quickly. Everybody wants a straight shooter. So just tell the truth, and help people....oh wait a sec, that is the 2nd reason sorry about that.....

You Are Helpful

Helping people helps you. Why? You naturally attract yourself to individuals who are more likely to need your help. Helping people by creating valuable online business blog posts and videos and by promoting their blog posts and leaving valuable comments on their blogs increase the likelihood that you will readily attract team members. It is like an audition or sorts, if you think this through. Sowing precedes reaping. Helping precedes getting paid. If you are keen to influencing people stop making empty promises. Stop shoving opportunities down people's throats and begin assisting individuals whenever you can to prosper. Also, cut those strings. Successful entrepreneurs help and detach from outcomes. Once you charge for your services - after you develop your skills - then buying or paying customers will show up in droves due to all of the big league karma you generated on a persistent basis.

You Are Persistent

Persistent people rock and persistent online business entrepreneurs have no issues attracting a prospering, high energy team. People join your business if you show up more than the average person. Many home based entrepreneurs give up after a few days or weeks, putting their ads or blog posts in mothballs. Almost all of my success sprouts from my dogged persistence. Example; I posted my ghostwriting advertisement for weeks, before I received any bites. Then each post received 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Likes on Facebook, because I persisted through resistance. Keep at it and folks become programmed by your persistent, consistent message.


Tell the truth, be helpful and persist like heck to grow your biz. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.