Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are You an Online Business Bastard?

Hahaha....this headline grabbed my attention so I know you are on board. You are likely not an online business bastard. Few people are, but you must remember one thing; stuff gets lost in the translation, and your words, if not carefully crafted, can cut like a knife. I am not sensitive but if someone comes off as an a-hole I do not make any effort to connect with them. All you need to do is to be nice, and once you are nice, you will open so many doors for yourself, it is not even funny. Really, it is amazing how quickly you become popular when you are simply nice.


I note some Google Plus groups where experienced, authority folks are less than nice. No, I would not ID these guys and gals as bastards but they lack social graces. Most comments are criticisms, and although the crowd never intends to hurt - I think - why can't you simply toss out some honey-sapped comments at times? There is nothing wrong with praising people and if you study the most successful people and organizations on earth - online business, offline business - positive, high energy reinforcement is what makes the engine of these dynamos grow. You can offer feedback and still be nice, and some online entrepreneurs miss this most valuable of lessons.

Be Nice

Short, curt responses should be coupled with a :), or thanks, or whatever, to show the person you care, and that you are nice, and friendly, and would be a wonderful co-worker, or team member, or client, or coach. Heck, whatever you want to do, you will be able to do, and make a healthy living, when you improve your people skills. Offering feedback is not about cutting people down, even if you are offering legit feedback, because most people respond poorly, or react, to negative feedback. Nope, offer your advice from a high energy place.

Many Have a Tough Time....

...with this, because they are used to being criticized from a low energy place, because few have the tact or mindfulness to criticize from a happy, supportive place. Ass-kicking has no place in my marketing or coaching campaign, but helping, yep, that does have a place in my coaching strategy. I help, I offer advice, and I support, and uplift, which improves the culture of my organization, of everything I partake in.


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