Saturday, May 25, 2013

Do You Invest in Your Investments?

I read a Facebook post discussing the importance of live online business events. Super key of course, but then I delved a little bit deeper and thought about how many people see a return on these investments. Virtually none. OK maybe a select few people see returns but most people fail despite attending live events because the crowd never puts their knowledge into action persistently. They do not move into massive, driven, inspired action on an hourly basis. I never attended a live event but I write 10 to 15 posts or articles each day I live. This means I succeed and make more money online each month. This means I did not even have to "invest in myself" yet I see tremendous returns. This means I am not failing. This means I did not need to waste thousands of dollars to receive some type of advice which I ignored. You see events do rock if you follow the advice presented at the event and carry that positive event energy with you each hour of each day. Most people never do this, feeling high energy for a few hours or days after the event, then throwing in the towel after a few days, or weeks.

Your Are the Secret

I can see you want the secret to online success. It is you. It has always been you and will always be you because you are the person who decides what acts to move into. You are the person who engages in freeing but uncomfortable acts to become financially free. You are the person who works every day to make your dreams come true. A live event, or an online program or some other investment can provide you with a spark but you fan the flames with your own imagination, will power and vision, so the investment is not so much an investment, as a little spark. Or big spark, because you choose to perceive the event or product in whatever manner you choose to see it. Online business success follows the determined person and this person need not invest to become determined, although most people see immense benefits from investing in programs. Just make sure you follow up the investment by investing deeper in yourself, by taking the time to follow the advice you receive in the program to become a rousing success. The action part is what separates the rah-rah types from the winners.


I have offered the free advice for many months now that posting multiple times daily boosts your opt ins, powers up your brand and improves your writing skills quickly. This advice was 100% free, save the few minutes you needed to spend reading these words, but unless you invest your time and energy in following the advice your time spent reading the words is worthless. You need to act on these words, posting multiple times daily, to see any type of benefit, and in the case of big ticket programs or events you attended, you need to act immediately on the advice you receive or else you are not investing in your investment and you are wasting your money and you are doomed to fail. Does this sound harsh? You bet it does. But it it true.


Act on the advice you are offered. Do you invest in your investments? Do you act on good advice? Please share your comments below. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.