Monday, May 20, 2013

Do You Expect Terrific Online Success or Horrible Online Failure?

I expected to fail for a long time. I admit it. I secretly broke into a sweat each day I checked my gmail inbox for online business opt ins. I was stunned when successful people opted in to my website or joined my team. I am being honest here. I worked to succeed but expected failure. So I failed. For month after month and for year after year. I saw little success because I did not expect to succeed. Usually, this scenario resonates with most online entrepreneurs. They talk a good game but when it comes down to telling the truth most people tell themselves that yep, they are stunned by their success, and secretly expect to fail. If you want to succeed online you must do the mental legwork to where you condition yourself to expect success. There is no way around this fact. Your expectation precedes your reality.

The Big Lie

Most people who act on their online business do some from a place of desperation, fear and limitation. This is why 97% of online entrepreneurs fail. The underlying energy sucks. There are crosscurrents blocking your successful acts. Want to know how to change your expectation? Well, here is an awesome example. After flying to Peru - about a 10 hour flight all together - I changed up my email checking strategy. I decided to shift my expectation by detaching from my gmail account, checking it once weekly, every Monday at noon. I was secretly afraid to check my gmail daily because I rued looking and seeing few opt ins or sign ups. My level of expectation sucked and I admit, I continued to create sucky results. Now after checking email once weekly for the past few weeks I generated just as many - if not more - opt ins, and this is with my email monitoring time down from 5 to 6 hours weekly, to about 20 minutes weekly. The big lie was that I needed to check my opt ins daily and call them back and email them, when the truth was that I was spending hours worrying about checking opt ins and replying to each one, and to boot, my expectations around my emails carried a negative, defeating energy. I detached and many more online business opportunities flowed my way.

Expect Good Things to Happen

I do not care if you work on your mindset for 1, 2 or 4 hours daily, you must do the mental clearing, through meditation, visualization and affirmation if you are to expect good things to happen. This is not easy guys, I know, because you are likely conditioned to expect the worst to happen, but working on your mindset and practicing gratitude, and surrounding yourself with positive, high energy people changes your life instantly, and you will expect good things to happen and yep, good things will come to pass.


Expect good things to happen with your online business. You will not be disappointed. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business. - Image