Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3 Reasons Why You Need More Sleep Now

10:06 AM. This is when I start working my internet home business today. Oh yes, I like being an early riser too but nothing like waking rested and refreshed. I used to fight myself - like an idiot - waking at 5 AM when I needed 3 hours more sleep. Every time, I led myself into a physical and mental breakdown. During sleep you find inspiration and you allow the Universe to work on your behalf. Sleep. And grow rich.

1 - Your Work Sucks

When the quality of your work dips you better get more sleep. Feeling run down affects your mind and body. You lack clarity of thought, you never seem to find inspirational ideas and you fall into lame, low energy competitive planes of thought when you are not getting enough sleep each night. Right now I feel like a billion bucks. I am recharged, energized, so I get down to writing lead generating blog posts. This is smart, this is intelligent, and this is moving into effective, directed acts to grow my internet home business. Sleep more and succeed.

2 - You Are Always Tired

Some people live in a constant state of fatigue, never realizing they simply do not get enough sleep. You receive no rewards for succeeding online while you are run down because people outperform you, and they work far less, and sleep far more. Please, stop bragging about how little sleep you snag when you are in a continual state of fatigue, because you are bragging about being a fool, and that is nothing to brag about. Get more sleep. Get more rest. Aim for 8 to 9 hours a night. Succeed, and feel good while you are succeeding, ok?

3 - You Are Always Sick

Some folks are always sick and in many cases, they compromise their immune systems due to lack of sleep. I know some people who remain sick for weeks because they are on the run, always trying to do more or squeeze more into 1 day. Hey, you are human, you internet home business entrepreneurs, and any time you get sick you are reminded that you live in a body during your stay here on earth, and you need to rest that body if you want to stay healthy, and be happy. Rest. Stay healthy.


Your work stinks, you are always tired or frequently sick. Sleep more. Prosper. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your internet home business. - Image