Monday, May 27, 2013

1 Tool Which Quickly Promotes Your Online Business Success

I thought back to a serious shift in my online business dealings. I used 1 tool more intelligently. This tool might confuse you because most of you use it each day. Too many times in my opinion. But if you reduce usage and focus on other ventures you can accelerate your cash flow quickly. I learned to use the tool once each week - on 1 platform - and noted an instant surge in my online cash flow. I used to use the tool daily but lo and behold, using the tool once weekly made me a happier, healthier and wealthier entrepreneur. What is the tool?


Here is my story. I checked my gmail account once daily for about 4 years. I would email or call back each person who opted in to my website. I gauged my entire success or failure on the number of opt ins I received from my website. So I saw like 3 opt ins the day was a failure. If I saw 10 the day was a success. If the day was a failure I obsessed over ways to get more opt ins. I tried to blog more, share more, tweak my squeeze page or do like 30 other things, totally ignoring the multitude of opportunities around me. I ignored channels of abundance. I spent my entire day trying to get more opt ins, trying to figure out how to generate more leads, and I became more broke in the process. I did not cash in on my writing skills, or on advertisement revenue though my blogs. No. I used email ineffectively, totally obsessing over opt in numbers, trying to get more opt ins, and I ignored other money making channels which would help me become more wealthy. I then made a change a few months ago which promoted my online success.

I Checked Email Once Weekly

I used the tool known as email effectively about 1 month ago. I began seeing more online success, generating cash through multiple channels, but my success went into overdrive when I checked my gmail account, where I received opt ins, once weekly. I noticed a quick shift; I became less attached to daily fluctuations in opt ins and more focused on how I could market my talents to make money online. The shift was sudden, far from subtle. I created more. I competed less. I felt like an energy load had been lifted off of my back. I relaxed. I thought of other prospering opportunities, and began writing more paid guest posts, and received more leads for my ghostwriting services, and saw other spectacular opportunities pop up in front of my eyes, because my primary intent shifted from trying to get as many opt ins as possible in a day to using my talents to help others and prosper. The shift occurred when I dissolved my wicked email attachment by checking my gmail once weekly.


Check your less pressing email once weekly if you want to expand your prosperity consciousness and grow your online business wealth channels quickly. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.