Thursday, May 23, 2013

How Can You Develop Good Online Business Luck?

I read a funny post about luck recently on a Facebook Group. Online business 101 here. Many successful people talk about being lucky or being in the right spot at the right time. This is not entirely true, really, because having good luck is kind of tough to achieve in a Universe of cause of effect. You put out a vibe and receive a return vibe. Think through the idea of karma to better understand the concept of luck, or I should say the false concept of luck. Everybody receives what they set themselves up to receive each moment of each day. Now, the aligning often happens on a deeper, subconscious level, so sometimes we see stuff happen, stuff we believe people do not deserve to experience - in both positive and negative instances - and our foolish ego blames the situation on dumb luck, but again, your ego is foolish, and faulty, and sees things through dark, dank and error-filled filters. I mean, how could I snap the above image in Phuket? Did I reach that tropical paradise by luck? So stop trusting your ego, stop trusting luck and develop good online business karma by doing these few things each day.

Detach from Appearances

This might be the most difficult thing you do as a home biz entrepreneur. Detaching means not caring how many page views you receive or opt ins you generate or how much money you make each day. You can observe these numbers and develop more effective plans to raise these numbers but detaching means you look at an outcome with a light, calm air, so you are never upset over an outcome which might not necessarily vibe with your vision. Detaching requires you to meditate frequently to become more aware of your feelings. Once you identify attached, worried emotions around an outcomes you can release these emotions. Express devout gratitude for where you are and all that you are blessed with. This practice helps you feel happy, full, and contented, so you worry not about any particular outcomes in your life. Once you detach your "luck" improves immediately.

Create Persistently

Wise men quote that the harder they work the luckier they become. I take this one a bit beyond; the more intelligent and persistently you work the easier your job becomes and the more success you see. I used to work like a fool, rushing through my creations, pushing harder, panicking, getting upset, putting out shoddy work, and my luck did not increase at all. Hard work sucks, because much hard work is mindlessly executed. Smart work is a different story. Slow down, work intelligently, and persistently, and things will line up for your online business quickly.


Detach from appearances by meditating frequently and expressing gratitude over all the blessings you receive each and every day. Once you detach from more outcomes you align yourself with your goals. Create intelligently and persistently to line things up more easily; your goals make a beeline for you if you can act smartly day after day, while most people act unintelligently, and with no persistence. Increase your "luck" today. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.