Saturday, May 18, 2013

This Horrendous Mistake Arrests Your Online Business Growth

You might be killing your online business growth. Other people can accelerate your biz growth. Dwell on this idea. Really you might be doing everything so darn well, it is not even funny. You are setting up an authority blog. You are driving leads to your home based venture. You are making tons of awesome friends and providing value and connecting with winners and your blog looks great...but still, no money. Terrible Struggles. I got your problem, and this one is sinister. This one is sneaky, because you might be self-sabotaging without knowing it. You need to have someone else tell you about this problem, because in most cases, you will never see it.


You are drunk off ego. Heck you might be a nice online business guy or gal. You might be helpful. You might solve problems. But you talk about You too much of the time. Capital Y, You. Because you are quick to brag, to tell of your achievements, and accomplishments, way too much of the time. Spend a little time pumping yourself up and a lot of time helping other people so Other Folks pump you up. Word of mouth marketing. Testimonials. All that good stuff. Yep, you are golden, when other people gab about you all day long, when other people pump you up, when you influence people to become rabid, loyal fans. But if you are making the mistake of being drunk on yourself, of allowing your ego to call the shots, you will repel so many more folks than you attract.

Stop the Madness

Pump yourself up for a few minutes a day. Show off your accomplishments. Then get down to helping people each hour of the day to attract many more folks to you, folks who will pump you up. People trust their friends and people take a long time to warm up to someone who talks about themselves all the time, because if you talk about yourself all the time how can you find the time to help people? How self-conscious are you, and how much confidence do you lack, if you feel the need to incessantly gab about your achievements? You need to stop the madness and start helping, then you can allow your rabid fans to be evangelists for your brand.


Stop making the ego mistake. Help, help and help some more people each day by creating content and making strong connections with individuals. Then, you stop talking about yourself much of the time and let people do that job for you.


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