Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1 Quick Tip to Help You Become Popular on Facebook

Oatmeal. That is it. My first status update. I change up my Good Morning greeting because I feel oatmeal is more appropriate today. I eat raisin spice oatmeal as we speak. Shoprite brand. Tasty stuff. I wonder who they outsource to? Anyway if you want Facebook popularity and online business growth try changing things up.

Too many entrepreneurs send out update after update, link after link, and even if these updates are valuable, and inspiring, you miss the 1 ingredient in social media sauce that makes everything taste good. You miss the 1 element that makes you stand out from the crowd. You miss the 1 element that helps you become popular with your Facebook friends.

You miss the 1 element that helps you exhale, to take a deep breath, and to pull back from being a business person, whatever that means.

Be a Real Person

If I walk into your this second what do you say to me? You probably do not tell me that you have the best online business on the face of the earth. You probably do not entice me in for a fireside chat explaining how you can generate leads on Facebook.

You probably do not stress the importance of video to me. Nope. You say Hi, then chat with me about what you were doing - eating - oatmeal - then you ask me how I am, and I respond with some small talk.

Being a real person by updating Facebook with "Oatmeal" status updates, or saying Good Morning, or talking about your vacation, or your pets, endears you to people who like oatmeal, or who need to hear GM, or who have pets, and this is exactly where connections grow and when you begin to become more popular on the social network.

Providing the helpful posts is great; please, do it, but add real-life, casual, non-biz updates through the day to remind your friends that you are human and not some cyber online business bot. Some forget that people become most successful online, not content creators, or bloggers, or biz coaches. These personas cannot make a personable, human connection with people, but people can do so easily. How?

Chat Life

Chat about what happens outside of your online business. Talk movies. Talk books. Talk weather. Talk sports. Talk anything outside of business to connect with people on a personal level.

You will become more popular because you will strike a deeper emotional chord with individuals, far beyond the biz speak that you send out, because even passionate biz folk are generally as passionate - or more - about their family, or pets, or sports team.

Once you find that deeper emotional connection outside of business you just became more popular.


Chat life.

 Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.