Monday, May 20, 2013

Do You Really Believe in Your Internet Home Business?

I know when you really believe in your internet home business. I see it. Because you promote the heck out of your biz. You write about your biz and how to improve your biz and you help people with your insight all day long. When you believe, it shows. On the flip side when you do not truly believe in your internet home business it shows too, as you hide away, and rarely promote your venture, and more tellingly, you criticize people who freely promote themselves. Yes, you wish you had their courage, their conviction, their balls, and this jealousy manifests as criticism. You proudly tell yourself that you never promote your venture, and that you are all about adding value, but these terms of code-speak for "I am deathly afraid to share my home based opp because I do not believe in my offering."

The Action Tells the Truth

How frequently do you promote your business? You can fast see if you are truly buying in to your model. I admit, I was a faker for many, many months and even years. I talked a good game but my hiding said otherwise. I did not use my twitter account to the best of my ability. I hid, I shied away and I refused to promote my primary home based opportunity business on blogs, or heck, anywhere. I rarely shared my squeeze page. I was not a true believer and I was far from clear on why I did what I was doing. Gaining clarity changed my life. Instead of pushing, straining and striving I shared my opp from a high energy space and reaped tremendous rewards.

People Will Test You

People will tell you that you are overcharging for your home based services, or that your opportunity is a scam but you better be ready for these folks, because this is all part of having people challenge your belief system, to see how much you truly believe in your venture. I meet people who try to get deals on my services, or who want to join my team for a discounted rate, but I never change my rates because hey, I want wealthy, not cheap, people to join my team, and if I really do believe in my internet home business, I never sell myself short and I promote the opportunity aggressively.


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