Thursday, May 16, 2013

3 Tips to Help You Write More in Less Time

I love Phuket! I snapped the picture above a few months back....because....I work, and play. Playing is a key to my creativity, because when I visit some tropical paradise, heck, inspiration flows from my fingers, big time. How do I play so much? I work effective. I write more in less

Time Your Work Blocks

Work for 50 minutes and break 10 minutes. Or work for 30 and break for 5. Which approach vibes with you, go for it, if you want to grow your internet home business through persistent blogging. If you are not in a hurry you can get more done. If you work for a set time then break for a few minutes you set the precedent to never, ever be in a hurry. This is the smart way to work online. I like working for 50 minutes and breaking for 10 minutes. With this approach I write 1 to 2 blog posts every hour of the day, without fail. Work smart, work hard then take your breaks to write more in less time.

No Long Posts Please

I write 500 word posts so I never get too attached to any one post. If you are smart you detach from internet home business outcomes, so you naturally write like mad and become prolific in a quick amount of time. Be on point. Set the intent to write value-packed, short blog posts and follow through on that intent each hour of each day. Maybe you can write a 400 or 600 word post here or there, but stay away from 1000 word or longer posts. Yes, these long posts work quite well, but you generally fall into the "Perfectionist" mindset writing longer posts, and you write less and less over time, because you get obsessed with these long, in-depth creations. Practice writing short and punchy posts to expand your digital footprint with some in depth, seriously entertaining content.

Get off Social Sites

Turn off your social sites. Or, just shut them down ;) No Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus while you are writing, OK? Because you know the tendency by now; you start chatting and 1 hour later, instead of writing a lead generating internet home business blog post, you have chatted with 20 people about....nothing. Close out all other windows other than your blog backoffice, and consider going offline to write if you have serious problems churning out relevant, unique content on a persistent basis.


Time your work blocks. Short posts, please. Get off social sites. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your internet home business.