Sunday, May 26, 2013

How Can You Drive More Blog Traffic Quickly?

This question rests on the minds of virtually all bloggers. You might be in a rush to drive traffic but hey, some days your traffic might drop. That was yesterday for me and for many bloggers out there as folks tend to take off Saturdays in this niche; well at least most folks. I deviate from the stats because I choose to blog daily because I choose to live an exceptional life, a life which requires me to do an exceptional amount of work. If you are willing to do 1 thing you can drive online business blog traffic fast. If not you are in trouble. The old me would look at yesterday's drop in traffic and flip out. The fall was not even substantial, but I carried many attachments to appearances and outcomes which all but sabotaged my efforts. I would go into a funk. I would flip, getting angry or upset, feeling that my 12 hour's worth of writing was a big waste of time. When I learned to face, embrace and release these feelings, to get back on purpose, a cool thing happened; I drove more traffic pronto. The key resided in creating content despite what outcomes suggested. This means not quitting or pulling back if the results you see might be a little disappointing.


Through deep, disciplined meditation I learned this; when I did not reach certain goals in a set amount of time I quit on my system. I became frustrated, angry, rageful and upset, and I attached to money outcomes, and when I made little or no money after a day or week, I flipped out, and became desperate and panicked and bailed on my system, and naturally, I did not drive blog traffic because I cut back on my blogging activities. I went into a shell. I would go into a real funk, for days at a time or for weeks at a time. If I checked my blog traffic and I noted another drop I became angrier and pulled back even more. My traffic did not increase because I stopped doing what worked, even if it meant my traffic pulled back for a day or 2. If you see through these periods you generate more online business blog traffic fast. Find a mechanism to alert you to your low energy feelings which usually lead to a meltdown. For me, meditation is far and away the best tool because you see your thoughts and feelings in the light of truth. You see what really happens when events happen, and how you respond or react to these events, and when you are observing the truth unfolding you can drink a big ole cup of truth serum, which frees you. Because at this point you can return to doing what works and leave behind what does not work and you will see the progress you dream of, on an almost daily basis.


Do not bail on a proven strategy after 1 or 2 days of your blog traffic pulling back. If you are creating online business content and making strong connections you cannot help but to see tremendous dividends down the road. You will even see them in the present if you are willing to detach from outcomes and stick to your strategy. If you tend to flip try meditation to face, embrace and release your anger in the present moment so you can continue with what works. Do you increase your blog traffic daily? What tips can you add? Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.