Saturday, May 25, 2013

Why Should You Use Video?

People tend to trust what people see. People tend to trust people whom they see. People tend to feel the power of your message if you speak directly to individuals by video. People tend to know and like people they come to trust, and once people trust in you, expect to make a serious chunk of change online. Video marketing is the wave of the present and future because people are hungry to make more intimate, powerful connections with internet home business mentors online. But using video means you have to master your video creation skills. It means getting super uncomfortable by getting in front of the camera to churn out helpful usable content for your target market.

Nap Down Now...

...onto the rest of this post. Another piece of internet home business advice; naps rock. Anyway, you should use video because employing the creative medium helps you make an instant connection with your target audience. I spent the last 15 minutes before taking my nap sifting through a compilation of slam dunk videos on the Huffington Post, via youtube of course. The amazing power in video is easily seen; you simply can devour and digest video content more quickly because hey, you are a creature who lives through the senses. Blog posts rock but creating helpful, entertaining and eye catching videos makes your job infinitely easier because you tap into that basic, primal urge felt by most people....yes you want your content NOW and you want your content in a pretty, easy to open package, and video provides that easy to open, visually-appealing packaging better than any other form of online content. So start creating videos to make a connection, and appeal to your reader's senses, because you are a being who lives through your senses.

Quick to Upload

I can create and upload videos within minutes if not....well, I hate to say seconds, but considering that I can create an upload a video within 5 minutes this boast is not too far fetched. I practiced creating internet home business content at this quick clip but I also know that creating and uploading video saves you a ton of time compared to creating and publishing blog posts. Now the zillion dollar question; why do I create so many blog posts? Well it turns out you can generate a ton more ad revenue creating text based content versus video content, at least from my tests, so I sway toward creating text and complementing with video here and there. Videos are however super quick content tools so if you are short on time and need to create some helpful, usable, content, create and upload an interesting video to churn out your latest blog post in a pinch.


OK guys, create those videos to increase your trust factor and make stronger connections with your target audience. Do you use videos? Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your internet home business.