Friday, May 24, 2013

Where Do You Look for Online Business Tips?

Before you trust the advice check the source. If you are searching for online business tips ensure your mentor - or prospective mentor - knows this niche inside out. You might receive promises, and empty, inflated claims, but unless your coach talks the talk and walks the walk run to the next prospective mentor. I often see struggling entrepreneurs receive bad advice; LinkedIn provides me with plenty of ammunition for this argument. People tend to spam me non stop through the message feature of LinkedIn, each person looking for me to join their home based business opportunity. This approach is like somebody walking into my home for the first time and slamming a business card into my hand, demanding me to take a look at their venture before they introduce themselves to me. This approach alienates more people than you can dream of.

Fools Leading Fools

The people using this approach are either going it on their own or in many cases learning this approach from failing, ignorant mentors. Online business tips like spamming people with your opportunity, or chasing everybody under the sun, or sending unsolicited messages to strangers, are indicative of a failing, struggling online entrepreneur, both the person using the tip and the person who teaches these old skool, low energy, failing strategies. Before you trust the advice of some prospective coach how about checking their level of success? Even better, observe the top people in your niche. If your coach teaches the same strategies, like say, using attraction marketing principles, then you are in good hands, because even if your coach is yet to become a millionaire you are well on your way to prospering. Observe how your coach builds their day. If the individual creates value and makes friends by helping other people you are likely picking a winner.

Never Panic

Most online entrepreneurs proceed from a place of panic, from a space of quiet desperation, ensuring they will receive terrible online business tips and achieve terrible results. Slow down. Breathe slowly. Breathe deeply. If you can slow down your mind and movements you instantly feel calm, confident and at peace. Once you change your vibe you will naturally attract the ideas, people and circumstances to make your dreams come true. You will prosper accordingly because you are feeling like a successful person, and successful people attract success. Simple approach here.


Check the source before you trust someone's online business tips. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.