Friday, May 24, 2013

How Can You Write 3 Five Hundred Word Blog Posts in 1 Hour?

OK I just did it. Now I need to share my home internet business tips with you because sharing is caring, right? By the time I complete this post I will have churned out 3 blog posts during this hour - 50 minutes really - with each post reaching 500 words. I know this sounds nuts but if you focus on a goal you reach the goal. This becomes easier, and easier and easier, to churn out helpful, relevant content, if you commit to doing something spectacular. I admit this sounded nuts to me, not a few months ago, when I created 1 post daily and patted myself on the back for a job well done. Well, The Onion, and The Huffington Post, and Mashable, do not path themselves on the back after publishing 1 post daily, and since I am gunning for the best blogs on earth - why the hell else are you in the game unless you aim to be the best????? - I gotta do as they do.

Slow Down

This 1 idea handcuffs most bloggers but if you think it through then apply the idea you will see why it works. When you acts from a calm, peaceful, slow place, you can publish a 500 word blog posts within 9 to 11 minutes, easily. The ideas flow from your mind to keyword with minimal effort and you can create and publish without the hurried, panicked feelings stopping most bloggers from creating 1 home internet business blog post each day. Keep writing from a relaxed, calm and confident place, never moving your focus to anything outside of writing, and you will naturally churn out content at a quick, focused clip. This 1 technique of slowing down and allowing ideas to flow through you changes your life instantly. You will no longer worry, fret, or experience writer's block. Oh no, you are golden now.

Shut It Down

Do nothing except writing or publishing that hour. Commit to writing 3 blog posts and only do stuff that leads to that end, meaning you should have a Word doc open. Then after you complete the post you can paste in the backoffice and publish. But if you want to really save time you better write directly into your backoffice because seconds count in this game. Simply say to yourself you will write 3 posts and do NOTHING else like social sharing or networking or staring out of the window or sitting there and complaining about having no ideas because each second delay holds you back and stifles your creativity.


I meditate for 30 minutes each morning to clear my mind. Once you clear your mind of ideas like "I cannot write that much what is he crazy he must be lucky I do not have that talent" and all other sorts of bullshit which keep you average, you can easily create 5, 10 or 20 blog posts daily, easy, peasy. Honesty. You just need to sit through the mental and physical torture which arises at times when meditating. It is not easy until it becomes easy and then it becomes hard again and this is what meditating is all about; observing it all and letting go. Try it and watch how quickly you can churn out posts and grow your venture.


Slow down. Do 1 thing. Meditate. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home internet business.