Friday, May 17, 2013

3 Tips to Quickly Become More Accessible

You need to be accessible. Unless you are Donald Trump. But on the flip side you cannot give everyone the key to your door. You need checks and balances in place so you can get work done daily. So, be accessible to grow your home based business opportunity, just do not go overboard, OK? Because once you go overboard you are doomed. In either direction. Most people are a bit tough to reach so I wanted to share tips with you to help you gain accessibility. Hey, look at the image above. I took that. In paradise. Yet I am still accessible, so if I can do it while I travel the world you can do it too.

Use Skype

OK, I have home based business opportunity team members in Malaysia, South Africa, England, the United States, get the drill. I have to reach people all over the world and calling folks on the telephone can be inconvenient, and quite expensive, too. So I use Skype. I set up a phone number so folks can chat with me without paying out the wazoo. Or you can just download Skype and talk to me for free through my Skype account. It is on you, folks, but giving people the option to Skype is the difference maker. Once you decide to become more accessible, the possibilities are endless.

Use Multiple Emails

I am all for using 1 email except for 1 thing; I check my gmail once weekly after reading "The 4 Hour Work Week", and know that my writing clients would not appreciate me checking my email once weekly, so, voila. I check my hotmail daily to fix this situation. You can check emails once weekly to automate, for your gmail account, then you can check your hotmail daily if you need a more accessible ways and means of connecting with clients for other purposes. Cash gifting prospects call me, if they have questions, but everybody else gets automated because I lack the time to chase people down, and convince them. Nope. Automate it. They can call me if they have questions, or Skype me, so I am nice and accessible....then I use hotmail for my writing clients, who need to be in touch with me multiple times daily. Accessibility issue solved without being bugged to death.

Work Daily

Working daily expands your presence and helps you be more reachable. Folks can tweet me, or send me a Facebook or LinkedIn message, or they can reach me on Google Plus, each and every day, because I check in on these networks at least once every single day. This is the easiest way to grow your home based business opportunity, if you are keen to grow one. Be visible and you will automatically become more accessible.


Use Skype, multiple emails and work daily to become more accessible. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home based business opportunity.