Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why You Make No Money and How to Fix It

I am being serenaded by members of a LinkedIn Group. Wow. Pretty tough approach here, because I see the person selling home based business opportunity. When I say "the person" I mean it, because when you sell an opportunity, and not yourself, you will naturally become forgettable, just another face, and a nameless one at that, who I never get to know, or trust, or care about, because they are offering me an opportunity when the pros offer me, THEM. Yep, they are people, real people, who share their struggles and victories. These folks sell themselves and this is why they make money while the opportunity sellers make no money. I see this failing, lack and limitation, I am afraid to sell me, type mindset prevalent among people who make little dough online.

Is This Easy?

Selling yourself? Yes, but it feels so uncomfortable at first, because you are forced to analyze your lack of confidence, your lack of self worth, your laziness, all the low energy aspects of your current personality, before you decide to move forward and sell yourself. You need not become some sort of home based business opportunity celebrity but you do need to sell yourself, to share your grandest successes, and your worst failures, for people to make an emotional bond with you. Once people trust you, they trust what you say, or the advice that you offer. Once you trust someone's advice you are far more likely to join their opp, and there you are, you just made more money. See how it works? People trust you because you sell you, then what you say is gold. If you sell an opportunity you are screwed, because people do not trust the source, who comes off as a shill.

Guys I Have Seen this First Hand

People make hundreds of dollars over the course of 2 or 3 years and still insist on selling a home based business opportunity, instead of selling themselves. People who say they hate using social media, or they are too lazy to blog. It is like the person who cannot be bothered with even picking up a paycheck; they wish to have money deposited directly into their bank account with zero effort. It is laughable, and if these individuals were to realize the error in their ways, they would be laughing all the way to the bank as they chose to sell themselves instead of some opportunity. Because people will not trust an opportunity until they trust the person promoting the opportunity. People will send you money or buy your product or service once you share your self, your story, and help individuals, because once you sell you, and brand you, your words are good money.


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