Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Can You Kill Racing Thoughts Syndrome?

Well nobody is immune from RTS: Racing Thoughts Syndrome. We all experience some level of insanity when busy, or trying something new, or doing whatever we are doing to grow our home internet business. OK, returning to video today! It has been a few weeks since I last chatted in front of you, so please enjoy!
How to Kill Racing Thoughts Syndrome by RyanKBiddulph

You Could Look at the Picture Above

Yes I snapped it and yes it is on my fave beach on earth, Nai Harn Beach in Phuket, Thailand. Soaking up paradise does tend to calm you which also slows down your thoughts. That is one approach so take a deep breath, soak it up and chill, dudes and dudettes.

Guarding Against RTS

Be present. Put yourself in this moment and this moment alone to guard against Racing Thoughts Syndrome. I know, you are busy and I know your mind races but I laugh when I hear folks say that they cannot calm down until they slow down their mind. No, you slow down your mind by dropping everything, by NOT doing something because it is the doing, the thinking, the feeling and the anxiety which builds Racing Thought Syndrome.

Right Now

My mind races a bit because I see that I am not hitting my hourly goal of 2 blog posts. I will come up a bit short but big deal! I can simply begin writing again in the next hour and churn out my post. No worries, right? Well this should be the case but my mind continues to race, so you better believe that forcing things only makes my job more difficult. Nope, I will break in 80 seconds, drop everything for 10 minutes and observe my nervous energies arise, and subside. This is the key to success, to deal with your lower energies, to release your lower energies and to make room for your higher energies.

Be Present

Be present. Drop everything. Nothing is more important than feeling good so sit, relax and meditate on your feelings. Stop and drop everything, and be here, and now, to get back on your home internet business track. This takes practice guys. It does not feel easy at first to drop everything and trust because your first impulse is to sprint forward, to push harder. Force negates so that is a dumb, unfocused move. Just be present, drop everything and follow your breathing. Soon you realize that you are awareness, attending to the thoughts and yep, your thoughts slow down.


Stop. Let go. Relax. Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your home internet business.