Thursday, May 30, 2013

1 Quick Tip to Get More Blog Post Clicks

You might feel under the gun at times. Example; now I am publishing guest posts before month end. I meet up with my dad a bit later to hang out and do some tech shopping before our trip. I will also chill with my folks most of today.

So no posting 6 times today between my 3 online business blogs. Oh well. Life intervenes. But I do not feel under the gun, even though I feel like doing more in less time, because I know my posts will get clicks. I have a secret weapon for you to use, it works tremendously well. But in order to use it, your mind must be in the right place.

You cannot be desperate, or hurried, or panicked, if you want to use the weapon wisely. This is all about adopting the proper mindset so you can see good advice and act on good advice, even when you feel your old, negative thought patterns creeping into your mind.


Imagine a solder holding a mini gun. This is his secret weapon of choice. If you have seen the movie "Predator" or any of the "Terminator" movies you know that a mini gun is a ridiculously powerful machine gun type weapon usually attached to a helicopter.

You can churn out so many rounds in such little time the gun can cut down forest like a machete. Anyway, if you use the gun from a desperate, worried, hurried place, the bullets fly all over the place. You miss your mark and make a big mess in the process.

Mission not accomplished. Same deal with this secret weapon. If you feel desperate when using the approach you will generate fewer online business blog clicks because your mind is not in the proper space. So take a deep breath, relax, and proceed.

Write Practical Titles

Think of what you most want; more blog post clicks, more money, more leads, more Facebook fans. Each practical goal is pretty much what the masses want. Build virtually all of your titles around these practical wants. Secret weapon for getting more clicks: write practical titles. The more practical the better because people want solutions.

Simple always works, but here is the problem; if I felt desperate now, or hurried, I misuse my secret weapon. I write a non-practical title, muck up the process and get less clicks. Then I feel the need to stay up late tonight to write another 3 blog posts because today's batch did so poorly. My fault. I should feel calm, confident, and relaxed, so I can churn out practical titles.

This feels challenging at times. Hey, I just realized I have only 30 minutes until I hit the road. Got the call now. But instead of rushing I slow down, calm down and focus on what matters post; creating a practical, complete, well written post, or creating no post at all.

Doing a good job makes your job much easier down the road, every single time. Remember this before you feel the urge to rush through the posting process. Let go desperate feelings, slow down, prosper mightily.


Get practical. Stop rushing around. Practical titles get more clicks every time.

Do you write practical titles?

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