Thursday, May 23, 2013

Do You Get Angry When People Desperately Bug You?

Your fault. Sorry, it is ALL your online business fault if you allow desperate people to bother you. Ignore them. Let them go. They will have to deal with their emergencies, their desperation, their lower energies on their own. The worst thing you can do is to respond quickly because you literally train these folks to treat you like a waiter, where you serve individuals immediately, running around based on their whims, needs and desires. I receive social requests, guest post requests and all manner of interactions each day and note certain feelings arise from within me, when I see a desperate person who does something like post a PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME NOW comment on an irrelevant status update.

Annoyed or Angry

I used to feel annoyed or angry in dealing with a desperate person who bugged me endlessly, and I need to guard against this feeling , even now, but I have become more adept at ignoring these people. Have you read "The 4 Hour Work Week"? Please do, as Tim Ferris shares spot on advice concerning these people; ignore them. Emergencies work themselves out when you entirely ignore these desperate people. The trick lies in getting so busy with serious, successful people, who would never desperately cling to you, that you forget about these desperate folks and ignoring them becomes a piece of cake. Really, try it.

You Train People.... respond to you. If you rush around to respond quickly you are doomed to online business failure, because every person you come across will be a demanding, impatient baby, expecting you to wait on them hand and foot. You must be respectful of your time in order to teach people to respect your time. Believe in yourself, and your offering, and have confidence in yourself, so that you can completely ignore pushy, desperate and impatient individuals. These folks soon learn the secret of success; ignoring what needs to be ignored so you can pay strict attention to pressing, important activities, now. Desperate, impatient people need to be ignored so they quickly learn that these silly tactics only hurt them, now, and in the long run, when they completely alienate themselves from driven, focused online business pros who simply ignore them, for good.


You train people to respond to you. If somebody bugs you, through email, or on the phone, ignore them. Ignore all non-essential acts and people to detach from business outcomes and learn the art of being ignorant, when it counts. This simple act will free up your time and energy like you would never believe. Trust me! I have tried it. I check opt in emails once weekly and refer people to FAQ, and ignore all desperate requests entirely, and people literally disappear for good, or learn to act like a successful adult, who respects to your, and in either case, the annoyance disappears :) Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.