Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 Tips to Help You Easily Glide out of Your Comfort Zone

Pushing yourself makes your job easier down the road. Now it might feel tough to grow your internet home business as you leave your comfort zone frequently but think about it; you will become a whiz in your niche and pad your bank account by pushing yourself more, now.

Put in the legwork. Glide out of your comfort zone. Easily.

Raise the Bar a Bit Each Day

I know tonight I will write this blog post because usually I take the night off, blog-post wise. So if I want to raise the bar and go a bit beyond I need to write the post. It takes me 12 minutes to do.

No massive jump, no quantum leap, no monstrous push to achieve something which feels ridiculously out of my league. Hey I am all for massive internet home business action but if you try to do too much at once you will experience overwhelm. Baby uncomfortable steps work pretty well.

Example, if I write 1 blog post weekly and try to write 10 blog posts today I will likely flip out, totally blown over by what seems quite impossible. But if I set a goal to write 1 blog post daily today, and 2 daily next week, I am slowly bumping up the bar. 1 note; no bullshitting yourself. You need to write 1 post daily to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone daily.

Practice Sitting with Your Discomfort

Sit with your uncomfortable feelings to glide out of your comfort zone. I note how often I sit here and stare at the computer screen, agitated when trying to find blog post ideas...

OK, the old me felt this way as the new me can find ideas pretty quickly, without me getting agitated...but I still run into uncomfortable moments from time to time. Right now I feel a pull toward the basketball game but I know tonight is writing night and I need to push myself a bit farther to become a bit more successful online, so I write and push myself, and sit with my discomfort.

Sit with mental distress, physical discomfort, all that good stuff and you will feel more comfortable the following day when facing these feelings again. You grow through the pain and suffering.


Meditate helps you observe your mind as it really it. Meditating helps you release uncomfortable feelings quickly. Example; right now my body hurts and my mind races a bit, late at night, but I will write.

Before I meditated frequently I would honor these feelings and quit when I felt uncomfortable. Now I embrace the feelings and proceed, writing my post and growing my internet home business by moving out of my comfort zone more frequently.


Raise the bar. Sit with your discomfort. Meditate. What tips can you add?

Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your internet home business.