Monday, June 10, 2013

1 Bad Mistake I See Many Smart Bloggers Make

I know many smart, successful bloggers. They are my buddies. But they are making a bad mistake.

Before you trust my advice though, look at my results. Yep, look above. I fed these monkeys outside of my apartment in Costa Rica.

Momma and baby loved my banana. I travel from paradise to paradise. I tell you what, though, things were not always this way.

At one time I failed miserably. Because I formed an attachment to stuff that did not make me money.

One such mistake is trying to respond to EVERY comment you receive on your blog or on guest posts.

This is the bad mistake that I see even smart bloggers make. Why?

You spend anywhere from from 20 minutes to 1 hour or more responding to comments.

Well, during that hour I just wrote 2 to 3 ad and lead generating blog posts. I might have written 1 paid guest post too, or 1 paid article.

So I am in paradise, and you are still responding to each comment.

Have you noticed that guys like Darren Rowse, or Seth Godin, do not respond to every comment? Because they are busy doing business growing things.

Commenting and responding is great, until you decide that improving your writing skills by posting 2, 4, or 5 times daily is the key to becoming a skilled writer, and heck, to making money too.

Are you a blogger? Or a comment responder? Where will you make your money? Improving your writing skills....or responding to each and every comment on your posts?

Respond to a few....then get down to LETTING GO the old frame of mind, and remember, that ad revenue, and new team members, and ghostwriting clients, and paid guest post opps, put money in your pocket, and the more you write - even if you are not making much much now - the more money making opportunities find you...

and by writing I mean NOT responding to comments lol!!

So, are you a chronic responder? Has this helped grow your online business?

Or do you respond to what you can, and write more blog posts?