Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why Did Seeing 4 Jesus Christ Lizards Today Teach Me to Suspend My Disbelief?

I could not believe my eyes! Seeing 4 Jesus Christ lizards today running across the water was a captivating sight. How many times in your life would you expect to see 4 creatures that could walk on water? I did, yesterday, and it was an amazing experience that taught me to suspend my disbelief which of course is an amazing online business lesson.

Youtube Jesus Christ Lizards

Youtube these guys; the creatures run quickly enough and have such light feet that they can skip on the water. It makes no sense to us on a logical level. I mean, how can a living being actually run on water, right? Well, I saw 4 separate lizards running on water, in person, yesterday, and to say that I still could not believe it, even when it happened in front of my eyes, is a fairly accurate take on a stunningly tough to grasp subject matter.

But eventually I did suspend my disbelief, opened my mind and realized that yes, these creatures were actually running on water. This type of open-mindedness, this lack of skepticism, will serve you tremendously as you grow your home based business. Many people will tell you that is is quite impossible to make money online.

Everything Is a Stupid Scam

They will tell you everything is s stupid scam, and that liars online simply want to part you from your money. You can believe this crap, if you would like to, or you can open your mind and accept the fact that yes, people actually make millions of dollars with their work at home ventures, and the million dollar makers - you better believe - opened their minds, released their skepticism, and rocked it out, by simply suspending their disbelief around the topic and diving in.

I could not believe an animal could run on water. I also - yes, this is a secret I rarely tell - NEVER believed you could make money online with a home based business. When I was fired as a security guard in the shipping terminal it looked to me like all online gigs were terrible scams, designed to part a fool from their money.

The Belief Did Not Serve Me

This belief did not serve me, of course, because I would have spent the majority of my life being dumb, sick and broke, working a job I did not like, and which offered me a low salary, because I would have believe that any online venture was a scam, a ruse, a racket.

Thank goodness I opened my mind, because right now I am overlooking the mighty Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica, hanging out with howler monkeys, and squirrel monkeys, and capuchin monkeys, and watching Jesus Christ lizards run across the water. Life is good, because I opened my mind, suspended my disbelief and prospered like a champion.

Are you a skeptic when addressing work at home ventures?

Or are you a successful, open minded online business entrepreneur?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below....and oh yeah, let me know if you ever saw a Jesus Christ lizard too ;)