Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1 Critical Mistake You Aspiring Networkers Need to Avoid

One of our cheeky little squirrel monkey neighbors in Quepos, Costa Rica....noshing on a banana...

You might read more than a few of my question tweets. I ask a query, usually related to growing a home based business, then I share a post.

Sometimes I avoid linking up but many other times I do link up.

The link contains the answer.

So.....why do some people answer the question without reading the link?

Laziness...or maybe they are in a rush, or maybe they are too busy to read the post.

If you do not click the link, do not respond. Why?

  • you effectively proved that you lack mindlessness; not a good thing for aspiring or even veteran networkers
  • you are in too much of a hurry to do stuff, and hurried people are desperate people, and desperate people are repelling to calm, confident successful people on social networks
  • you just performed a comment drive-by type of interaction; you clearly do not care about the content, you just want your voice to be heard

Mindfulness makes you a happy, rich and successful home based business entrepreneur.

Few people are mindless. Most people are 10 years - or 10 seconds - in the future, and a few more are 4 minutes, or 4 years, in the past.

Being here and now is the quickest and easiest way to grow your friend network quickly.

The critical mistake you make: NOT paying full attention and being mindful when networking opportunities arise, repels folks.

How Can You Correct the Mistake?

Be present. Being in the moment helps you attract home based business buddies. More home based business buddies help you grow your home based business.

See how nicely it all works out?

Example; instead of responding to my linked up, question tweet, with an answer - effectively proving that you did not click the link and read the post - how about doing the mindful, impactful thing.

Click the link. Read the blog post. @reply me with evidence that you read the post. You can just say, "Great Post Ryan!!!", but to stand out and become a home based business networking champion, say, "Love the point about making an impact Ryan!....I believe.....".....after this statement you can add your take.

See the difference? The former example was mindlessness run amok. Nobody cares about a mindless, hurried, desperate person.

The latter example stresses mindfulness. Mindful people make an impact on your mind.

I have 24,000 plus twitter followers. I remember  a select few who mindfully display that they care enough about my links, to click on them, and who care enough about my posts to read them.

If you want the lesson of home based business lessons try improving your mindfulness. Read posts, answer questions armed with the knowledge you acquired from reading the post and make a serious impact.

Newbies and Veterans Make this Error

We are all in a hurry at times but if you discipline yourself to chat only when you become informed, or to answer, only after you click a link, and read a post, you will become a champion networker.

Do you read each post you comment on?

Do you skim each post you comment on?

How do you make an online business impact?