Monday, June 24, 2013

How to Spike Your Blog Traffic Quickly

The always placid Rawai Bay in Phuket, Thailand, where I snapped this image earlier in the year...Kelli and I like staying on the southern tip of Phuket; totally different, laid-back vibe on this part of the island...

I like spikes. Yes, with my hair, and with my online business blog, because more targeted traffic means:

  • I help more people and this gig is all about helping people, right?
  • I make more money
  • I grow my subscriber count
  • I have more fun as my influence expands quickly

No magic formula exists; if you want to increase your blog traffic quickly try writing a load of content and meeting a ton of people.

Since you have only 24 hours a day to write a ton of content and meet scores of people to grow your online business blog try leveraging yourself.

Join as Many Tribes as Humanly Possible to Spike Your Traffic

I am a member of Triberr, to help drive traffic to this blog and meet a ton of bloggers I also belong to many other tribes, including 3 on Facebook and 1 on Google Plus.

 Joining tribes increases your presence quickly if you actively participate. If you rarely participate you will see little home based business growth, and you will not generate much cash online.

 Join a slew of tribes, share people's content, spike your traffic.

Write Multiple Quality Posts Daily

Write 2 or more quality, targeted posts, formatting each bad boy and using SEO to drive targeted, increased traffic to your online business blog.  

If you want to spike your traffic write 3 to 5 posts daily on any one blog.

That is pushing it, I know, but if you want to see 50, 100 or 400 more page views a day you must bust your tail.

You reap what you first sowed, and nobody in this world gets something for nothing, so get down to writing like a champion to see champion-like results.

Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat Comment Comment Comment Comment

Joining tribes is not enough; trying chatting people up on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and through their blogs to increase your trust factor and drive more traffic to your online business blog, or sales page.

 People we trust tend to listen to us, and chat with us, and they help us, by adding value-packed comments to our blog. 

 If you want to see these benefits then get down to chatting, and quite 'o bit, and yep, you will see a quick spike in blog traffic.


  1. Establishes the fact that you are a listener
  2. Shows that you can be a problem solver; problem solvers need to be listeners
  3. Shows that you care
  4. Is a helluva lot more fun than trying to grow your online business without interacting

Chat a lot. Now avoid spending all your day BSing; you need to write some posts and share content too...but feel free to chat like a champion to note an instant increase in blog traffic.

If you really want to grow your online business quickly focus on boosting your blog traffic quickly using these tips.

Do you use these tips to spike your online business blog traffic?

What tips can you add to the list?