Thursday, June 20, 2013

Online Business Tip: 1 Reason Why You Need to Innovate

Online Business Tip - 1 Reason Why You Need to... por RyanKBiddulph

You can always improve. I care not about your status, or your online success. If you think you are beyond improving, you are doomed.

By seeing a better way - and there is always a better way - you can quickly and easily grow your online business.

Recently I noted some complacent feelings arise from within my being. I generate 1000 page views or more on this blog, and sometimes I hit those numbers of my other blogs.

This caused me to:

  • Get a little soft
  • Lose my SERIOUS drive
  • Miss out on opportunities for growth

After taking a deep breath - and filming the above video from the jungles of Quepos, Costa Rica - I innovated.

I changed my blog post formatting, scrapping the plain Jane style I used for many months.

Now I go bananas with fonts, and bolding, and using italics and all that good stuff. I simply decided to switch things up, to create, to innovate, and guess what? I feel GOOD!

This is why you NEED TO innovate; to keep improving, to feel good, to make money online at a steadier clip. 

It feels exciting to blog again....I feel like I am making a difference with my online business and of course, when you feel good it gets easier to make money online.

Moving into a good-feeling vibe makes you magnetic to money, and opportunities, and prospering people....all because I decided to innovate, to improve, to get better, even when things are looking rosy.

If you get complacent you are in big trouble, folks.

Your competition will lap you. You will lose your hunger, your desire-fire, and your work at home venture will suffer.

Resist the urge to remain complacent. Innovate.

You can better innovate by:

  1. Re-visiting your intent, or your purpose
  2. Asking for blog feedback
  3. Taking the time to assess your blog and ask yourself where you can improve

Innovating is fun!

I am having a ball today, tweaking my layout, getting familiar with different styles, all that good stuff.

My presentation is improving as we speak and no doubt this good-feeling, creative vibe will carry over into your internet business.

You saw the video above....I mean, it looks like I am having fun, right?

I hope so, because I can feel it, the fun factor, and I know like-minded people can feel it too. All because I chose to innovate, to change my vibe, and to improve myself each day.

Keep creating and keep innovating. You can always improve. Celebrate your successes, bask in your victories but get right back to improving, to getting better, because all the real internet business joy is found in creating, in innovating, in changing lives.

The reward is in the joy you experience while working.

All the physical stuff - the money, the vacations, the time spent at the beach - all that good stuff is the reward on top of the reward you experience, having a passion for what you do.

Get better.

OK, do you innovate daily?

What tips can you share with us, for innovating?

How can you better improve your online business?

Do you get complacent sometimes, or satisfied?

What can you do to become inspired to improve, or to innovate?

Where can you quickly improve your online business venture?