Sunday, June 23, 2013

Online Business Tip: Why Delay Your Riches by Doing this?

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One silly thing holds back most online business bloggers.

The struggling blogger creates the thing; strange, right?

You can free yourself or imprison yourself; your choice.

Once you can release the thing, you can:

  • Reach your blogging goals
  • Move into higher online circles
  • Be free
  • Inspire others to live their dreams
  • Make money online with stunning regularity
  • Release low energy bloggers who might be hampering your growth


What is The Thing?

What are you doing to hold back your riches?

Making Excuses!

 I cannot possibly succeed online. I cannot run a prospering online business, because…..
·        ****I have a family*****big-time excuse here!!!
·        I work a full time job
·        I have no creative ideas
·        I am lazy
·        I am slow to learn
·        I hate blogging
·        I hate working online
·        I have no time
·        I hate criticism
·        I am not lucky like those successful online business entrepreneur
·        I have no connections
·        I have no friends in high places
·        Insert your excuse of choice here…..

All excuses. You can make excuses until you die.. Or you can stop making excuses and start making money online.

You choose what to hold. You choose what to release.

Example; I held to an excuse for a long, long time; I am not a skilled enough writer to make money online by writing.

I experienced horrible financial struggles for many years because I held onto the excuse.

One day, I said, “Screw this”, sent out my sample articles, connected with a few folks, and I landed a paid writing gig.

Then I offered my paid ghostwriting services.

Then I landed another paid writing gig.

See how simply saying, “Screw it”, to the excuse, releasing it for good, can allow riches to flow into your life?

The Challenge

When you say, “Screw it”, attempting to release your excuses, you will experience all types of uncomfortable feelings.

You will become angry, upset and worried as your worst home business fears come to the forefront of your mind.

You might see yourself failing horribly or going broke or running into harsh critics or causing all manner of problems in your life.

Here is a little secret; if you want to be rich you must listen to these words, feel the feelings, and do it anyway.

Moving forward despite your fears:

·        Makes you infinitely powerful
·        Boosts your self esteem
·        Makes you comfortable with being uncomfortable
·        Helps you make money online easily

You must go forward, you must grow through the moments where you release excuses, if you want to succeed.

Most people in the world make excuses, most of their lives, and die with unlimited worlds of potential lying quiescent inside of them.

You want more. You want to succeed. You want riches, success, and maybe even fame.

At the end of your life, do you really want “He or She Paid the Bills”, to be on your tombstone?