Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1 Quick Way to Connect with Your Audience

I changed my writing style yesterday. Or maybe it was 2 days ago. Not so much my delivery but the appearance of my words.

I like writing large chunks of text because it flows smoothly. I hate taking line breaks each few sentences. But here I am, breaking.

If you want to succeed online try doing what your audience wants you to do. Try listening and acting on their feedback.

I know people love scanning. I know people like shorter posts. These days I love shorter posts. Gives my fingers a break.

Gives my online business a break. I love pictures and so does my audience. It takes seconds to insert images but I still saw this as a time drag.

Until I saw the difference in page views because posts with and without pics.

The People Have Spoken

When people speak you listen. And act. I knew folks liked the short paragraph approach a while back but this writing formerly f'ed up my flow.

I felt choppy, hurried, I felt like I wasted time. But the audience loves it. So I am learning and improving, and maybe I no longer hate this writing style.

Blogging is the fine mix of giving your audience what they want while delivering your own style.

If I despised writing how my audience wanted me to write I would fail online. You can only succeed doing what you love doing.

But if you can learn how to blog in your audience's preferred fashion you are good. So I write less, craft small paragraphs and post images.

See the foot long Tokay Gecko above? I snapped the image in Bali. What a spot!

People love stories. I can tell you how these monsters eat dangerous centipedes, spiders and scorpions, along with 3 inch long cockroaches.

Doing this makes my posts appealing because people love stories.

Stories sell. Movies. Books. Another online business lesson learned.

The Lesson

Stop worrying about word count. Serve your audience but of course speak with your writing voice to find the mix of perfect blogging.

How do you connect with your audience?

How do you serve your audience?