Saturday, June 8, 2013

How to Get Over 15,000 Page Views During Your Blog's First Month

Happy Birthday to this blog!

Well, happy 1 month anniversary at least. June 8, 2013 marks a full month since I wrote my first post.

As you can see from the metrics above and below things are moving along quite nicely.

OK, look at my growth. 15,036 page views during my first month.

That is nice growth within my first month. How did I do it?

I created 3 or more blog posts daily. Each post runs from 300 to 600 words.

I joined multiple tribes. The big uptick from the past week or so was related to me joining Triberr again.

I also belong to 2 tribes on Facebook where people comment on and share each other's posts on social networks.

I aggressively promote other people's content. By doing this, a percentage of these folks promote me in return.

I also push myself, like a lot. Each practical tip above does nothing for you. Pushing yourself out of comfortable situations grows your blog traffic quickly.

How do I push myself? Well you know, you gotta know.

You need to want to be free, or travel the world, or make more money, MORE than you give into excuses.

Then you will rock it out.

How do you grow your blog traffic?

What tips can you add?