Thursday, June 27, 2013

3 Proven Tips to Push Yourself Past Your Online Business Limits

Our squirrel monkey neighbors are on the prowl for Quepos, Costa Rica...

I read the Wiki about actor Daniel Day-Lewis a few minutes ago. The dude is a freaking animal! If you want to see online business success pushing yourself is part of the game.

DDL takes this to new levels, including:

  • being carried around for the ENTIRETY of a film because he wanted to stay in character; when he was cursed at and criticized by crew members he said he better knew what it felt like to be a burden, as some folks treat handicapped individuals in such a manner
  • he refused treatment for a violent illness while filming "Gangs of New York" because his character Bill the Butcher did not have access to such treatment at those times; told you the dude is a beast!
  • Losing or gaining serious amounts of weight for various roles

The man pushes himself WAY PAST his limits each time he takes on a film. He is serious. The 3 Oscars did not show up by accident. 

He did what no other man has done because he pushed himself farther than just about any other actor, save Christian Bale.

How can you push yourself beyond your online business limits?

Go a Bit Beyond What You Deem Possible Each Day

I am tired. But I will write 10 posts today. This is #10.

 Some days I might push myself in another area related to my online business. I push myself. You need to push yourself.

Make another connection. Call another online business prospect. Push yourself to write another blog post or shoot another video.

These limit-breaking moments precede brilliance. The more you push the better you create, the more quickly you reach your online business goals and the more you make people scratch their heads.

Push through the Intense Pain

Forget the uncomfortable crap. Experiencing intense physical pain - or mental pain - at times is part of becoming successful.

Your limits are typically shrouded in pain, or paralyzing fear. Now my body hurts. My neck feels stiff, my back hurts, I just want to eat and go to bed.

But I write. Pushing past my online business limits has been good to me; how many people travel the world, for a living? I mean, I write, and prosper online and live in my paradise of choice. All because I push past my online business limits.

Push through the intense pain. Feel it. Keep going. Unless you have reached the point of exhaustion, your body can handle it!

ONLY Surround Yourself with Winners

I am blessed. Kelli is a winner. So I sit across from a driven person 10 to 12 hours each day as I get to working my online businesses.

I only surround myself with online winners too. Because winners do not except excuses, nor do they baby you, nor do they excuse you when you are pussing out on blasting through your limits.

Hang with driven folks. Take on their qualities.

Do you push yourself through your online business limits?