Tuesday, June 11, 2013

1 Quick Tip to Boost Your Effectiveness

RB feels recharged! After 9 and a half hour's sleep last night my effectiveness will skyrocket today. Well I am always fairly effective but today I know I will be super effective.

Once you sleep you feel energized. I mean real sleep. Passing out and going through the night.

You might feel sleeping is not necessary and maybe you are someone who feels energized on 4 hours of sleep but if you are like most, you need more sleep.

As I look at the picture of our home in Phuket, Thailand above, I think of our travels. How could I accomplish so much traveling the world?

I am effective. Each act reaches as many people as possible. How? How can you boost your effectiveness quickly.

Get enough sleep.

By sleeping until you feel totally rested, recharged and ready to attack the day you move into acts which expand your presence.

You write enough blog posts or create videos or churn out the newsletter.

More importantly you do so from a positive, energized space, ensuring each act takes you in the direction of your goals.

Once you effectively run your day failure becomes an impossibility.

On the flip side if you are tired, worn out and de-energized your effectiveness drops off. You struggle to generate a single lead or write a post.

You need to be well rested if you want to succeed online.

I Hear You

As I sit here ready to slay the world, full of vim and vigor, you might be suffering from a bad night's sleep. That was me 2 nights ago, as I woke due to a violent thunderstorm here in Costa Rica.

I was still effective the following day but I felt fatigued. Hey, life happens, and you will have a poor night's sleep sometimes.

Just make every effort to do this: get enough sleep.

This means cutting out late night TV.

This means getting enough exercise daily.

This means committing to your home business.

Make the sacrifices.

Boost your effectiveness quickly.

How about you?

Do you get enough sleep?

How do you increase your effectiveness?