Saturday, June 8, 2013

1 Success Creating Tool You Foolishly Ignore

I have 8 and a half minutes to write this blog post.

I want to be at this teach, Manuel Antonio, in Costa Rica....a 10 minute bus ride up the hill, and down the hill.

It is close. I am going soon. But I need to work.

I do not feel like churning out more content.

I am tired. My neck hurts. I would rather network.

But I know this: if I persist I stand out.

If I create 2 blog posts hourly between my 3 blogs, I win.

Because the tool of success creating tools, well, I use it when I work, hour after hour day after day.

The tool? Persistence.

Being persistent is not sexy...until you make more money than you ever made in your life, or influence big wigs, or grow your audience, or make a serious impact on people's lives.

Then being persistent becomes very sexy.

So sexy that you become inspired to be even more persistent.

The more you push the more persistent you become. This wonderful process unfolds, and you become more, and more persistent, until you stick with any act, by habit.

I program myself to persist.

You can do the same thing.

You have to be hungry. Fools are not hungry. Foolish people quit when their feelings tell them to quit.

Persistent people know better.

Keep at it.

Get it.

Are you persistent?

How can you increase your persistence?