Saturday, June 29, 2013

Why Guest Posting Can Damage Your Blogging Career

Now that is some serious damage...

OK, let me write this guest post. Wow! I know this; those home business opt ins will be flowing in, lies bees to honey, after the post gets published.

The waiting list is 3 months? No worries. I just KNOW this post will go viral, and so much targeted traffic will flow through my streams, that, I will have no clue what to do with the extra surge, and all the money which will flow in too.

Write a guest post. Wait. Wait. Hang on social sites. Write a post or 2 on your blog, during the time frame, while you wait.

You see how attaching yourself to 1, or a series, of guest posts, can damage your blogging career, right?

Guest posting can:

  • influence you to develop a wicked attachment to an authority blog; attachments are painful burdens to carry, let me tell ya ;)
  • force you to get lazy with your own blog; some rabid guest posters never build THEIR brand because they have no identity on their blog, they are serial guest posters without a cyber home
  • cause you to wait, in the name of "patience", for your success to flow in

Hey I am a huge fan of guest posting. Snag a massive, targeted home business audience, pronto, through this approach....just take care of your home, first, by tending YOUR blog shop.

The Damage Part: Beware this Sneaky Error

Some well-meaning bloggers wait for their success to find them. The crowd writes a guest post then waits the days, or weeks, or months it takes for the post to be published.

During these days, and weeks and months, you should have written tens to hundreds of blog posts on your blog.

When I say hundreds, over months, I do mean hundreds, because you need to post 1 or more times daily to improve your writing skills

Writing guest posts does not provide the IMMEDIATE fix you need, unless you have fully posting and publishing rights on a guest post.

The fix? Heck you need to publish content now to make an impact. The sneaky error made by most bloggers is not so sneaky really; the crowd puts off doing uncomfortable stuff by developing a wicked attachment to "Their Big Break."

Nope, your Big Break starts now, by publishing as many posts as you can, on your blog, today, and meeting as many home business pros as you can.

The Big Break Never Arrives Until You Do

Success follows successful people, folks who push themselves each moment of each day. Attaching yourself to a guest post opportunity on a well-read blog blocks your success, because you are in Waiting Mode.

Even if the post goes live today, you are waiting, checking for comments, or page views, or the dream client, or the surge in ad revenue.

Meanwhile, I wrote 6 to 9 posts on my home business blogs today, making my star shine, branding me, while you wait, and wait, for your Big Guest Posting Break.

I arrive, because I push, and create, and create, and you will never arrive, because you are too attached to some opportunity, that you forget to push yourself, and brand you.

Write guest posts. Just make sure to push those home business posts out on your blog like a champion.

Has guest posting damaged your career by making the Big Break Attachment Mistake?

Or have you seen a massive surge in web traffic since guest posting?