Monday, June 24, 2013

Online Business Tip: When Do You Drop 1 Opportunity?

I snapped this stunning sunset on Promthep Cape in Phuket, Thailand earlier this year....the Cape yields some of the most breathtaking sunsets on the face of the earth...

I almost dropped 1 opportunity a few minutes ago. I tried logging in to a blog to write a guest post. The log in process was uber slow.

In an impatient moment I opened up my blogger back office, churned out a post, well, not quite.

I hopped back into the guest posting opp because I know rich online business opportunities when I see them.

The problem? Indecision. For 4 minutes I waffled....which can be a serious issue because:

  • indecision paralyzes even the most driven online business entrepreneurs
  • waffling creates fear and doubt
  • holding on to 1 poor opportunity blocks better opportunities
  • you stifle your growth by refusing to drop a worn out opportunity
I have 1 little secret that will help you release old, worn out online business opportunities to make room for new work at home opportunities.

The little secret takes a few minutes to put into practice, in the morning, and a few minutes each hour.

The secret has NOTHING to do with blogging, or practical tips for running an online business, because worrying too much about your online business kills your decision making ability.

What is the secret?

Being in Quiet Strengthens Your Power of Release

You have a small, still voice, which guides you in the perfect direction - for you - in each moment.

Call this voice your intuition, or God, or The Universe, or whatever....just know that developing your ability to listen to the voice makes your life easier because:

  • you confidently know which step to take
  • you release on poor opportunities quickly
  • you accept good opportunities quickly
  • you quell your fears and dissolve your anxieties

I go into quiet by meditating for 20 minutes each morning and by taking 10 minute breaks after working for 50 minutes, throughout my entire work day.


Meditation helps you observe your feelings. In the moment, a few minutes ago, I could observe my anxiety around releasing on the guest post opportunity, then I saw my impatience, worry, doubt....then I decided to be patient, wait for 4 minutes, and write the guest post to expand my online business presence.

Sit quietly. Observe your breathing. Focus on the in breath and out breath, and when your attention drifts note the object of your attention, then move your focus back to your breathing.

This practice expands your awareness, helping you see when you need to release on one opportunity to make room for another opportunity.

Take Frequent Breaks

Taking 10 minute breaks every 50 minutes helps me clear my mind. Clear thinking promotes the habit of release, or letting go what needs to be let go to make room for something better.

Example; I formerly wrote 9 to 15 posts daily.

The posts were OK, but the formatting was poor and I never used SEO. I had to release on the number and focus on writing 1, keyword-rich, well-formatted post, at a time....which would promote my growth.

I noted this change that needed to be made by taking frequent breaks to clear my mind.

Never marry yourself to 1 method of doing things. Practice being in quiet, clearing your letting, letting go and growing.

How do you grow your online business through the habit of release?

What tips can you add?