Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1 Quick Tip to Save Yourself Week's Worth of Time

I run an online team. I spent week's worth of time doing 1 thing until I smartened up. Many struggling entrepreneurs spend weeks or months doing this same thing. What a shame! Because they can be writing, or creating videos, or establishing powerful connections with leaders during this time frame.

Be smart. Think through your internet marketing campaign. Run your home based business from an intelligent space. Stop making this stupid mistake. OK, what mistake? I spend weeks on the phone answering questions I had answered HUNDREDS of times. I would get the same question about how much money I make, or how I promote my home based business.

Wasting Weeks of Time Until I Build a FAQ Page

Again and again and again, I answered the same old questions. Wasted time. Then, an epiphany! Tim Ferris hooked me up with a priceless idea; how about creating a Frequently Asked Questions page on your blog, or sales page - I went with sales page - where you answer frequently asked questions? Makes sense, right? Of course it makes sense because you instantly save yourself hours, or weeks, or months, time you would spend on the phone answering the same old questions.

Phone Calls and Emails Dropped Off Quickly

The phone calls I received with these questions dropped immediately. Email questions died off too. I already answered 'em. If somebody asked questions clearly answered through my FAQ I referred them to the FAQ, stressing that they read through the website twice.

Improving Business Effectiveness

This simple little tip improved my effectiveness quickly. I spent the weeks worth of time, hours each day, at times, where I was usually on the phone, connecting with influential entrepreneurs, or writing paid quest posts, or doing whatever stuff grows my home based business.

Struggling with It

You might struggle with this one at first, feeling the urge to answer the same old question, to supposedly build a relationship, but catch yourself. You want leaders to join your online business, not lazy entrepreneurs. Put them through the trials and save yourself time. Build a FAQ page.

Your Turn

Do you use a FAQ page?

Or are you wasting too much time on the phone, answering the same questions?