Friday, June 14, 2013

How to Generate 1000 Page Views Daily

I write. A lot. You know this.

3 or more times daily on this blog, where I generate 1000 views or more daily now for the past few days.

I write and and I get a bunch of people to share my blog posts through sites like Triberr, the Comment DX tribe, the MLM Blog Commenting Tribe and Social Syndication tribe and the Automated Twitter Syndication tribe, the last 3 tribes on Facebook.

I also share other people's content on LinkedIn and Google Plus, as well as twitter.

If you want a secret formula; write a lot each day and build your network by joining tribes and promoting other people.

Writing a lot means posting 2, 3 or 5 times daily. It means challenging yourself, pushing yourself and facing your most lame excuses.

Tribing it up means meeting a ton of people daily and promoting their content aggressively.

This formula works really well....if you work it.

It is not easy until it is easy. After doing this for months I write a bunch and meet many people by habit, but in the beginning, I found it difficult because I had to face my limiting beliefs and keep going through these uncomfortable times.

I am happy I kept going.