Saturday, June 15, 2013

Boosting Your Page Views: 3 Tips

I am not sure why you need to read this post.

You should know better, right? You know the drill. To boost page views you must....

Wait a sec? Newbies take to the web daily.

I think of myself, on the stunning shores of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Heck I was a newbie here, 2 weeks ago today.

Before that, I was green. Remember this, you bloggers, before you rue covering topics which have been covered before.

One reason bloggers never boost their page views is because they post less, believing that this topic has been beaten to death.

Not true.

Share Content - No Not Your Own!

Share other people's content to increase your page views. This basic law of online success is missed by the many failures dotting the web-scape.

You must give to receive. Many of the wealthiest people on earth made massive fortunes by helping others in such massive way.

Promote people. People promote you. You boost your page views.

Be Social

Have you noticed that social people tend to become successful? Because we are in a people business.

If you talk you know a ton of people. If you are a wall flower your job became that much harder, because people do not trust shy, quiet folks.

How can they? People need to get to know you, and you need to open up, to do that.

Talk to many people. Many people become your friends, and promote your stuff, because you are open, transparent, social, and a good listener.

Write Like the Dickens

I like writing. Because each blog post gets man page views. So if you write 1 blog post, and I write 10, split up between 3 blogs, I am usually getting more views than you, unless you have a massive network.

Even if you have a massive network I gain serious traction on Google because they love fresh, relevant content.

Write guys.

Let me know how you are doing in the page views department.