Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why Gary Vaynerchuk Makes an Impact

He cares.

 Just 5 minutes ago I read one of his tweets, addressed to me:

Gary Vaynerchuk ‏@garyvee 5h @RyanBiddulph dude where in Jersey do u live?

He went through his stream to chat with me. He chats with people.

He might wonder where the heck I have been, or where I am going, or he might want to know if I live by his Wine Library store, which is a 15 minute ride from Plainfield, NJ, my home town.

He cares. He asks questions unrelated to business.

He is genuine.

He screams REAL!

Be real. Be authentic. Take an interest in people.

This inspired me to be more real with my buddies.

How about you?

You can be real by being you.

Chat with people about stuff other than business.

Answer questions.

Take an interest in folks, based on your interests.

You never know whose lives you can touch, and you will make a serious impact.

Hope you like the above picture I snapped in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica earlier today.