Saturday, June 1, 2013

Online Business Training – 1 Tip to Earn While You Fly

As I cruise 36,000 feet over the Gulf of Mexico I thought of something; right now I am blessed to be earning. I just completed 2 paid guest posts.

I write this ad revenue generating post now. Yep, I also attract ghostwriting clients by writing posts. I feel eternally grateful but I want you to know 1 thing; I work. I look at the clock and see 12:38 AM EST. I feel tired but I like earning while I fly.

So I get down to it. Even if you do not have any paid guest posting spots lined up you can still earn while you fly. Work. Work some work. Work to grow your online business. In time and with patience you are free to earn as much as you want to earn…..if you are willing to work.

Online Business – Not Always Easy

I am not exhausted but heck yeah I am tired. I push myself. Making dough while you travel means pushing yourself to do stuff when you travel, whether it means writing blog posts or paid guest posts or eBooks or whatever you can do to create targeted, meaningful, helpful content resonating with your preferred audience. I make no bones about it.

As you grow you earn. As you push yourself you grow. I could watch a DVD now or go to sleep. But I churned out 3 posts – after I complete this piece – because I hold my vision. I see beyond the uncomfortable feelings.

 I see beyond the sleep. Now I do not advice pushing yourself into an unhealthy situation; you get no bonus points for working yourself sick or driving yourself into overwhelming fatigue, but you must push yourself more than the average person – heck, well beyond that point – if you wish to earn online at a steady clip.

Be Ready

Whenever I fly my laptop sits by my feet. My trusty content creation machine is within arm’s length. I am ready.

This is a secret to prospering while traveling; have your laptop or handheld ready to record ideas and expand on these ideas immediately, so that you can grow your online business with the dead on content you create. 

Be ready to churn out posts at a moment’s notice to become an effective, prospering entrepreneur. I will take a nap after creating this post but I was ready a little while ago, jumped on the opportunity and embraced the moment as a vehicle for my advancement.

 I know virtually the entire plane is lights out but I am ready, and willing, and hungry, and I know that these emotions will drive me past my uncomfortable feelings, and I know that I live an interesting, intriguing, flat out fun life because I am ready. I seize moments.

I push myself. It is not always easy, but the reward is well worth a few minute’s worth of discomfort.


Seize the moment.

 Are you ready to grow your online business while traveling?

 Ryan Biddulph travels the world and helps you grow your online business.