Monday, June 17, 2013

How Can You Develop Persistence?

I feel tired.

2 cups of OJ after dinner doomed me last night ;) I was up til 2 AM. Now at 6:30 AM I feel tired. But I need to persist. Because persistent folks win. Persistent folks show up when persistent folks feel tired.


The persistent crowd identifies their driver early. I love freedom. So I persist to write, network, create, shoot  videos, work on my mindset and tweak my internet marketing campaign, because I crave freedom.

I live this life because I push myself. I lack inspiration sometimes. I generate inspiration by acting when I feel like quitting. This is my secret. I keep going.

You might find your groove, or sweet spot, creating at a set time daily. Or you might switch things up to development persistent. I decided to spice up this morning by writing longer paragraphs. Yep it might sound weird but the little change inspires me to act.

The little different approach inspires me to write more, and persist, because subtle changes provide you with a breath of fresh air in the online realm. Try 'em out.

Fight Through Your Quitting Nature

If you are like most people you quit at the drop of a hat. Someone criticizes you needlessly, or you feel run down, or you are sick of making no money online, and you quit immediately. Fight these feelings. Persist.

I have visited each space. I got fed up with being criticized, and I felt run down, and I was sick of working for months without seeing a single freaking dime. But I persisted. I fought. Here I am.

You reach your goals by fighting for your goals. Life is not always easy, or effortless, so once you embrace this idea you have few problems hugging resistance and proceeding no matter what gets in your way.

How are you doing in the persistence department?