Saturday, June 8, 2013

1 Tip for Speaking to More Prospects Quickly

I spotted this brilliant rooster yesterday in Quepos, Costa Rica and needed to take a shot. He was too impressive NOT to share an image with you.

People love eye candy in case you did not notice. People love to see pretty pictures. With this being the case you would be wise to post images on blog posts.

Or on social networks, or anywhere. People want to be engaged by seeing something that makes them respond.

Since pictures are worth 1,000 words - and an extra 50 page views per post, perhaps - you should use images on each post to speak to more prospects.

My newsletters get more engagement when I use images.

Folks love my vacation pics. Why not? I have lived in many tropical paradises throughout the world; folks want to live the dream, too, and seeing pictures inspires them to get going.

I never forget how I found out about Phuket. I saw a stunning picture of coconut trees and the beach on twitter. I was sold.

I spoke to the dude who posted the image. Since he was in finance I did not join his team or request his services but if he ran a home business I would seriously consider joining.

He goaded me to speak with him because of the image he shared.

People love pictures. People talk about pictures. Especially vivid imagery.

Start posting. On blogs, on Facebook, on Twitter, and you will speak to prospects quickly.

Do you use images as internet marketing tools?


Why not?