Saturday, June 1, 2013

1 Quick Path to Growth

Embrace uncomfortable feelings. Do this and the world is your oyster. I felt a nice little block arise a few minutes ago. Far from a pleasant experience of course but any online business pro knows the truth; if you want to win you better get comfy with being uncomfortable. You need to release individuals with ease. You need to let go of people, allowing these folks out of your life. This is not easy. This might be the most difficult thing you do but in the same respect moving out into uncomfortable situations helps you meet the real you. The unlimited side of you grows infinitely more quickly if you allow the limited side of yourself to die a quick death. The limited dies quickly by diving into uncomfortable situations. I made one big decision in my life recently. The decision felt tough to make.

But I made it. This is a quick growth move. This choice moved me into a different stratosphere, mentally, because the choice subjected me to intense criticism. But I made the choice because I felt an internal pull to do it, even if this means dealing with difficult situations along the way. Some think happy people are lucky, or blessed with special talents, or that happy people are simply more advanced than others. Happy people learned to grow through uncomfortable situations. This growing becomes easy if you choose to grow. This one sounds funny right?

 Well, growing is not all fun and games nor is the act a bowl of cherries when you are faced with intense criticism, or strong resistance in some other form, or physical pain, or mental anguish. I wish I was happy be default but I worked on being happy by gaining clarity in what I do. As I gained online business clarity I ran into resistance from online business folks who lacked clarity. This resistance pops up in many forms, most causing intense feelings to arise, even in the mind of a generally clear person.

 The point is this; you will become so much happier in life if you deal with your deepest, darkest emotions. You will grow into an infinitely powerful person once you decide to be courageous. You grow like a weed if you become a person who faces their fears frequently. By facing your fears I mean your deepest, nastiest and most overwhelming fears. These are the energies which must go if you want to grow, and grow quickly. Do you grow daily?