Sunday, June 16, 2013

4 Tips to Quickly Grow Your Business

I am feeling good! Really good.

Aha. The first tip.

Feeling good precedes good results. You want to grow? Well practice feeling sensational.

Do what it takes to quickly raise your vibe.

I post pics of my current - or former - vacation spots. This helps you feel good.

I mean, how can you feel bad, soaking up the luscious picture above....I snapped it yesterday in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

The picturesque beach, the powerful surf, the vivid blue just gotta feel amazing after soaking up the breathtaking image.

Feel Good

Feeling good moves you into good feeling actions.

Example; you feel great, you feel inspired, you write powerful, inspiring blog posts, lead generating posts, spectacular posts.

These posts generate serious page views.

Practical tip: exercise to start your day. Lift your vibe.

Practice Writing for Hours Daily

Hours? Yes, 3, 4 or 5 hours daily, you should write. Why? Writing improves your ad copy skill set.

Becoming skilled at using words to get people to do stuff makes you money.

Internet marketing pros know how to use colorful, inspiring, intoxicating words to make you act.

You buy after you become inspired to buy after reading buzz words, or building a pretty picture based on the copy you read.

Engage in Devout Personal Development

Start your day with 20 minutes of meditation or visualization.

Clear the inner world. The outer world follows.

Success is inner/ You see wonderful results after doing intensive clearing on the inside.

Meditating helps you observe your destructive thoughts, and meditating also helps you observe your constructive thoughts.

You begin to develop cause-effect level thinking, which helps you do more of what works and less of what does not work.


After working daily for 2, 3 or 4 weeks, you note something funny; you improve quickly.

You become a more adept copywriter, and you grow your business quickly.

You become more creative and develop your people skills.

You build prospering relationships.

All because you showed up daily.

Let me know how you grow your business.