Thursday, June 27, 2013

3 Tips to Boost Reader Engagement Immediately

This is what I see by looking out of my bedroom window in Quepos, Costa Rica...Bienvenidos a la selva!

If you are an intelligent blogger you know engagement can make or break your blog.

Influencing people to respond and share your posts expands your home internet business presence quickly.

By engaging you:

  • increase your trust factor fast as more people tend to trust someone who listens and shares answers or responses
  • influence people to take your online business call to action
  • build up a tremendous body of social proof, as your Facebook Shares, twitter retweets and LinkedIn shares go through the roof....yep your G Plus Shares jump too ;)
  • have much more fun as you grow your internet business ventures in the online realm

Now you know why engaging is so darn important. You can grow your business by being a live body, by being a person, not some profile, or online persona.

People need to know, like and trust you before people buy from you.

So.....use these tips to boost your reader engagement immediately.

Ask Frequent Questions to Receive Frequent Answers

Have you noticed how each of my blog posts is summed up with a series of questions?

People dig being asked questions; it gives them a chance to write answers to the questions, to respond, to let their voice be heard.

Smart home internet business entrepreneurs allow people to be heard, because everybody just wants someone to listen once in a while, ya know?

Ask a bunch of questions to receive a bunch of online answers.

Show Up Frequently to Provide Answers to the Questions

Now you must prove that you are listening, to achieve some level of home internet business success.

Smart entrepreneurs listen in and answer quickly to prove that yep, they are not asleep at the wheel.

You need to be a live body to gain the trust of your audience. You have seen automated twitter accounts, or automated for the latter, I mean folks who write, post, and never listen, like how a machine would blog.

No personalizing, no engaging, no money. No good. Engage by responding frequently to questions or comments concerning your home internet business.

Do Not Quit When Nobody Shows Up

I cannot tell you how many times I asked questions for weeks, through my blogs, and received like 1 or 2 comments during the stretch.

This happens before you become popular. No worries. Keep asking. At least if you desire to grow a successful home internet business venture.

Your other option? Stop asking. "Immediately" can mean today, or tomorrow, or next week, so if you find that Tips 1 and 2 have not yielded, keep asking more, and responding quickly, to see a nice spike in engagement.

Keep showing up daily. The comments will come, and if you respond within a few hours, more comments will poor in, and your blog will be a hip place to - leave helpful, insightful comments.

How do you engage your blogging audience?

What tips can you add to this list?