Friday, June 7, 2013

3 Tips to Help you Ferociously Destroy Obstacles

Look at that savage beast....j/k ;) But I do attack the day. I grabbed a large, hell, I have no clue what it was, but it washed up on the beach in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica yesterday after a big storm.

I grabbed it. I pressed it. I carried it. When I go to the beach later I will use it again...yes I hid it in a secure spot, lol!

I ferociously attack the day so you just know i attack obstacles in a similar fashion. You must do so too if you hope to become a successful home business entrepreneur.

Know Why

I want to stay in shape. I work out. I want to be free. I work online. Any obstacle cowers in its boots, and dies a quick death, if you know why you wish to achieve a goal.

Yesterday the internet went down. I created 2 videos within minutes. I wrote 1 blog post. 3 blog posts lined up because my Why is way too strong to surrender to resistance.

Embrace Uncomfortable Situations

Facebook banned me from posting links. They are stupid. I hate them. Blah blah blah. So many folks feel angry, upset, embarrassed, worried, when obstacles arise.

The winners embrace the feelings quickly and find a solution.

This is a toughie for most until you decide to hug the feelings.

Stop complaining and find a solution. Post links without "http://" if Facebook bans you, and never stop to explain why you do it, unless you have 20 minutes each day to waste time on that ;)

See a Springboard

Obstacles are stepping stones; their function is to move you higher.

Each obstacles I hit forces me to get better. So I get better.

See difficult situations as vehicle for your advancement. If you learn to view resistance as a springboard you grow more quickly than you could ever image.

This one is quite fun really because you learn to love obstacles. You learn to think quickly on your feet, and to push into uncomfortable zones.

How about you?

Do you embrace obstacles?

Do you fight resistance?

How can you better attack obstacles?

Why do you cower to obstacles?

What tips can you add to this list?