Friday, June 28, 2013

4 Tips to Create a Money Making Blog

Use these 4 tips to create a money making blog...

Are you blogging to help people? Why not make money? You deserve to prosper. 

Avoid the problem faced by most newbie - and even veteran - bloggers; feeling *funny* about posting ads on your blog.

Money making blogs:

  • help you take extended vacations; not a bad gig
  • can improve your credibility; readers generally gravitate toward people who have had success making money online
  • can sweeten up your virtual real estate; once you make a few ducats through advertising expect more advertisers to line up, ready to pay top dollar for a post on your blog

Monetizing your blog is not a difficult endeavor, but making money persistently through blogging can be challenging.

Why? Persistent folks are few and far between. Cashing in grows difficult unless you persistently create relevant, targeted content on your home business blog.

Create Content Daily

If you create, you prosper. Wise home business buffs know the secret to creating; find inspiration around you.

Nature rocks. Fellow blogger's content rocks. Observe what happens, make a connection between your online business and the event, write.

Provide value. Receive value....aka, money.

Make Friends Daily

Make friends to make money. OK, make friends to make friends, to grow your network and to expand your influence. 

After all that good stuff, and after detaching from outcomes, you see that having 500 people retweet your latest post fattens your bank account.

This is a great thing, because you are also helping your buddies, promoting them through Tribes.

Rich people build large, massive networks of like-minded people who readily promote their content.

Of course, to make friends you must be a friend. Be a friend by promoting other folks aggressively across multiple networks, and also post valuable comments to their blogs.

Open Up Multiple Cash Channels

Never paint yourself into a corner. Think abundance. As your skill set improves open up channels through which you can prosper.

Example; generate ad revenue, run a prospering home business team, offer your ghostwriting skills, write paid guest posts (opportunities flow to you through your blog), or brainstorm 101 other ways through which you can prosper.

No limit exists to your home business prosperity channels. Be creative. Generate cash online through multiple channels.

Go Heavy on the Linking

Link up like a mad blogger. Why? 

Create a resource, that makes people stick around. As more people stick around a neat thing happens; you attract loyal readers.

Loyal readers tend to line your pocket by:

  • clicking on your ads, creating passive cash flow for you
  • hiring you out for your consulting services
  • joining your home business team
  • spreading the word by promoting you to their following

Think of your blog as a money making center. Content drives the money making.

By posting daily and growing your friend network you can create a money making blog over a period of weeks or months.

Do you generate steady cash flow through your blog?