Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How Do I Write 10 Blog Posts Daily?

You want the secret?

It is no secret.

I create 10 posts daily - and still have time to feed monkeys here in Costa Rica with Kelli - because I help people.

I help people so the Universe helps me by supplying me with an endless flow of ideas.

I help people by promoting their blogs, no questions asked and no favors asked for in return.

I do not ask, I just help. So the Universe helps me.

I felt a surge in creativity after promoting people freely on Tribes.

I work my way down the Triberr fall and promote.

I want to help.

So the Universe helps me.

If you feel a block in the creativity department, stop.

Take a deep breath.

Stop thinking about yourself, and what you can do, and help others.

Promote people. Post helpful comments on their blogs.

Do stuff which moves the focus from you to others. Once you help, you will be helped.

You will never lack for inspiration, or creative ideas, or blog post ideas, or money, or anything.

Because you were so focused on helping others that you receive unending assistance from the Universe.

If you want to really grow your online business quickly....

....try helping other people grow their online business quickly.

What is your secret to fostering creativity?