Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why I Am Posting for my 9th Time Today

As I stare off my deck into the view above ;), I think about what I fear. One of my fears: posting when I feel nobody listens.

I share 2 posts daily from either of my blogs to sharing groups. These posts get a big view boost. My other posts usually do not get pop.

Because of this I avoid my fear. I avoid pushing into my uncomfortable zone. My freaking fault!

Today I have churned out 8 posts. Now I write number 9. Usually I mail it in now. I take it easy. I feel that posting one more time is not worth the returns. To hell with that.

To become really good at what you do fear-facing is a simple, hourly, habitual type deal. Failures never face fear. It is a yearly deal, at best, as failures you terrified to go into uncomfortable zones.

Successful people dive directly into fear. Failures avoid it. I am diving. Are you with me?