Saturday, June 22, 2013

Home Business Training: 1 Quick Tip to Help You Stand out on Twitter

Wow did this car EVER stand out from the crowd...I snapped this picture of a stunning McLaren super car at the New York Auto Show a few months ago.....ridiculous piece of machinery....

Respond. Chat. Engage. This 1 quick tip grows your home business quickly.

People crave people. People do not crave links being shoved down their throats each hour of each day, 24-7, 365.

Your blog content can be the most wonderful blog content, you can do an amazing job helping people make money online, yet you will turn off even the most eager home business prospects by tweeting links 95% of the time.

Engaging on twitter:

  • boosts your trust factor
  • strengthens your connections
  • influences people to like you
  • proves you are listening

The last point is critical; by proving you listen, you prove that yes, you can solve problems. Problem solvers make big money in any online business niche.

Why do you think people read your blog? They want solutions. You want solutions. You want your problems to disappear.

You want to generate cash online at a steady clip. You want to help people too. You want to grow your home business from a smart space.

What is the next step to take? Where should you go? Who do you want to connect with? You want online business problem solvers to help you with the most pressing issues in your business lives.

Yep, you want authorities. Authorities stand out from the twitter crowd in a big way because these folks listen.....these folks care.

Seek out Home Business Problem Solvers

Head towards a problem solver. Connect with someone who listens. Twitter provides you with the perfect platform through which you can listen but you must listen, and engage frequently, to stand out from the tweeting crowd.

You must not only respond to @replies but also engage new followers, or folks tweeting in your stream, to gain trust on the social media platform.

Prove that you are a person, not a profile, by:

  • responding to @replies at least twice daily for 5 minutes per session
  • retweeting people from your stream
  • chatting with individuals who tweet interesting stuff
Note the stunning increase in followers after you adopt this chatty strategy.

Honestly Review Your Twitter Stream and Make Necessary Changes

Take a good, long, hard look at your twitter stream now. If you are the average tweeter you will see link, after link, after link, all directed at buying some product or service, or yep, you might even share helpful content, but this is boring. Snooze fest, after a while.

You might need to make big changes to your tweeting strategy.

Hey, just do it. You will be delighted with taking a new tact to effective tweeting.

The results will surprise you. You will generate more home business blog page views with fewer blog posts....why?

More people will trust you, because you are a chatter, so more people will click on your links.

This approach is lost on volume folks who feel you must pound out and churn out and send out link after link after link to boost page views.

Why add to the ridiculous amount of noise on the social network?

Learn how to chat. Learn how to make money online through twitter.

Your job is to tweet value, create and listen.

Emphasis on listening, because you are likely tweeting more than enough value and creating sufficiently each day.

Now you can stand out from the crowd. Listen in. Help people, by listening to their problems.

Encourage people, by addressing their pains. Acknowledge fellow tweeters and you can become one uber popular home business tweeter in record time.

Are you using twitter effectively?

Can you do more chatty stuff on the microblogging platform?

How many times do you engage daily?

How frequently do you stop by twitter to engage?

What tips can you add to help you stand out from the home business crowd on twitter?