Friday, June 28, 2013

Online Business Mastery: 3 Tips to Write Magnetic Articles

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Reel in readers! Write magnetic online business articles to:

  • generate more ad clicks quickly; people tend to click on solutions if they are interested parties
  • recruit more team members to your online business crew; targeting people with keywords and magnetism expands your team quickly
  • have much more fun with your online business gig; that is the goal, right?

Writing magnetic articles take time and energy. Devote the time to increasing your skill set. Learn how to raise your energy during your writing sessions.

With supreme patience you can draw in hungry readers easily.

Craft Compelling Headlines to Draw in Voracious Readers

Take 2 minutes now to visit The Huffington Post. Then visit The Daily Mail.

Why do you think these monstrous blogs/newspapers draw in viewers?

Headlines, headlines, headlines...are 1 part of the magnetic equation.

To see major league online business success take a page from their book. Write interesting, intriguing, captivating, shocking, stunning, vexing, eye-grabbing headlines.

Post Huge Colorful Images to Boost Your Article Views

Take 2 minutes now to visit The Huffington Post. Then visit The Daily Mail. Noting a pattern here?

See the big, bright, shiny pictures? They work. Well. Which is why these 2 sites get pretty much the most blogging page views on earth.

People love bright, shiny things. So give the people what they want.

The worst piece of advice I ever received; make your pictures small so the image does not dominate the article.

Bullshit. People are driven by images. Your copy ain't that good, Shakespeare, sorry to break it to you.

Use big, bright, shiny images which snag your reader's attention and make 'em stick around to read your articles.

Do not fear turning off readers and do not fear missing out on ad revenue, or growing your list, because you feel that your images dominate the post.

Again, study the top blogs on earth. These people and bloggers use big, shiny, attention-grabbing images for a reason.

Folks need something to SCREAM at their attention, to pay attention. Use shock value through imagery. Grow your online business intelligently.

Short and Punchy Paragraphs Do the Trick

I write my articles and blog posts like marketing whizzes write their newsletters because most people do not READ articles, they SCAN articles....

....if people scan my articles for online business tidbits I want to create scan-able articles, to create magnetic articles.

Create articles with the reader in mind. Virtually all folks scan content.


  • are too lazy to read a full article; make it easy for them to scan and take away the tidbits they wish to sink their teeth into
  • are too busy to read a full article; cater to their impatience by writing short, curt paragraphs so readers can go North to South as quickly as possible
  • hate going left to right for more than 1 or 2 lines; again, save them time by doing the North-South bit

Write short, curt paragraphs, mixing in bullet points, and headers, and bold text, and italics, and all types of formatting to grab your reader's attention.

Using this strategy keeps your reader focused on your content; the power of contrast.

Do you use these tips to write magnetic online business articles?